Clean Laboratories and Research Facilities from Life Sciences and Electronics, to Forensics

Laboratory Life Science research facilities’ MEP design requires careful consultation with important stakeholders in the operations and day-to-day use of the facility. Our engineering team consults with owners, lab managers, architects, and maintenance personnel, to understand workflows, and required energy, storage, lighting, and space requirements. Each of these key stakeholders has needs that intersect and require supporting systems and processes in order for the facility to operate efficiently, and safely.

Through effective MEP systems design, our goals are to achieve:

  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Improved Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Enhanced Laboratory Safety
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost

Smart Ventilation Design

Environmental safety objectives in laboratory design are often accomplished at the expense of energy efficiency. Smart ventilation design enables modern laboratories to be both energy efficient and safe. We employ advanced design strategies including:

  • Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)
  • Dilution Ventilation
  • Variable Air Volume Laboratory Exhaust
  • IAQ Monitoring

Clean Environments

We provide a comprehensive range of solutions to create a clean environment unique to the process and technical requirement of each laboratory. Our design expertise includes:

  • Class 1-100K Clean Rooms
  • Laminar Flow Workstations
  • Fume Hoods
  • Temperature-Controlled Chambers
Related Services

  • Site survey and field assessment
  • Design-build specifications
  • Construction and bid documents
  • Plan check submittal and approval
  • Bid evaluation
  • Selection of contractors
  • Construction administration
  • Post-construction services
Improving Sustainability

  • Renewable technologies
  • Energy modeling and analysis
  • LEED consulting
  • Building system commissioning
  • Minimizing energy consumption
  • Control of CO2 emissions
  • Water conservation
  • Lighting design and control

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