Mission Critical Data Center Design and Relocation Services

Incorporating industry’s latest and most advanced building technology, REX Engineering Group’s design, engineering, and implementation experience include UPS & power distribution, generators and ATS, computer room air conditioning, pre-action sprinkler systems, FM200 and other gaseous suppression systems, environmental monitoring systems, and leak detection systems.

We understand the ever-increasing need for space, power, and cooling. We can help plan and design the next generation building that is more environmentally sound, energy efficient and cost-effective. The new technology-critical facilities will require the best features of sustainability to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing reliability.

New Data Centers

Our team designs and evaluates current risks in configuring your mission-critical data center, inclusive of fire suppression systems, redundancies, energy use, and control systems, and phasing.

Relocating and Consolidating Data Centers

As technology evolves and corporations migrate portions of their data infrastructure to the cloud, there are tremendous needs to consolidate resources for efficiencies and to leverage evolving technologies and data center configurations. Our technology engineering team evaluates downsizing and physical space design and configuration, energy consumption and control systems, and the feasibility of reusing existing systems to minimize waste.

Related Services

  • Site survey and field assessment
  • Design-build specifications
  • Construction and bid documents
  • Plan check submittal and approval
  • Bid evaluation
  • Selection of contractors
  • Construction administration
  • Post-construction services
Improving Sustainability

  • Renewable technologies
  • Energy modeling and analysis
  • LEED consulting
  • Building system commissioning
  • Minimizing energy consumption
  • Control of CO2 emissions
  • Water conservation
  • Lighting design and control

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