Design for science and technology facilities

Our science and technology practice helps owners and architects design and develop strategies for operating IT and laboratory facilities. Our team works with owners, and users or the facility to provide a holistic perspective that takes equipment, infrastructure, space, power, and storage, and safety concerns into full consideration.

We focus on the right solutions that are both practical and performance-based. We are skilled in helping the owners establish the basis of design and looking for opportunities to improve the project outcome through innovative solutions and the incorporation of emerging technologies.

  • Facilities planning
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Construction phasing
  • Cabling design
  • Security system design
Related Services

  • Site survey and field assessment
  • Design-build specifications
  • Construction and bid documents
  • Plan check submittal and approval
  • Bid evaluation
  • Selection of contractors
  • Construction administration
  • Post-construction services

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