Museums, Libraries, and Cultural Centers

Our design expertise in libraries and museums brings benefits to our clients through cost-effective designs. Each project has unique opportunities, limitations and challenges. We take pride in every installation; working with our clients in a variety of ways to help each building adapt optimally to its environment and meet the highest standards for user comfort, design integrity, and energy efficiency. REX Engineering Group is dedicated to the pursuit of sustainable, high performance, and low-energy building design.

The primary guiding principle is that improving the energy efficiency and environmental performance of these facilities requires examining the entire facility from a “whole building” perspective. Adopting this perspective allows owners to improve the efficiency of the entire facility, rather than focusing on specific building components. Improving the efficiency of individual components without examining their relation to the entire system can eliminate opportunities to make other more significant efficiency improvements

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  • Site survey and field assessment
  • Design-build specifications
  • Construction and bid documents
  • Plan check submittal and approval
  • Bid evaluation
  • Selection of contractors
  • Construction administration
  • Post-construction services

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