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energy auditor performing energy audit engineering

How to Hire an Energy Auditor

Whether you want to cut energy costs or simply identify the biggest energy drains within your building or property, an energy audit can provide you with vital information that will allow you to…

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mep services

When Do You Need an MEP Engineer?

Standard services provided by MEP engineers include: HVAC installation and maintenance, plumbing design including storm water management, lighting design, emergency power systems, industrial  exhaust…

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MEP in Construction

Consulting with MEP engineers from the beginning of a project's life cycle allows those specialists to guide the project through the design, administration, and post-occupancy survey aspects of the…

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urban sustainability population density

Urban Sustainability: Engineering Solutions To The Increase In Los Angeles Population Density

Los Angeles, California is currently dealing with a rapid increase in population density. The last Census Bureau findings determined that LA is the most densely populous urban area in the United…

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structural engineering chicago

How Structural Engineering Affects Your Daily Life

What's one of the best ways to tell if a system is running smoothly and efficiently? Ironically, it's when you don't notice it running at all. The benefits of effective structural engineering are…

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LEED certification and green building

LEED Certification Overview & Benefits

The LEED Certification system provides a globally recognized framework for creating healthy, efficient, and sustainable buildings...

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